Monday, 17 July 2017

Day 16

Another day of motorway miles. Highlight of the trip had to be the toll bridge over the Great Belt. The view was quite something, everything in fact, that the Oresund crossing should have been yesterday. The motorway was very busy, full of campers, caravans and lorries, so we were kept busy, nipping out to pass, then in again as the faster traffic came up behind.

We joined the 7 route, which we had used on the way up 2 weeks ago and were soon crossing the German border. Denmark to Germany, no problems, except one. That being the switch from 110kph speed limit, to unlimited autobahn. You need to switch mindset slightly, as everything is soon moving that much faster. The border crossing going into Denmark though, was even worse than when we came up, with huge tailbacks waiting to go through the makeshift border control. I don't see the point. 

You enter Germany near Flensburg. They have a brewery there and it just so happens that the hotel has a fridge stocked full of Flensburger beer, which we shall be sampling later.  We have separate rooms here, mainly because they were such good value, about £40 per night. A far cry from the £100+ we have been paying in parts of Norway. The rooms are really spacious, least mine is. I booked 2 singles but I have twin beds in mine, a desk and loads of space. Tour guide perks ;-)

The downside of the hotel, is they don't do evening meals. Add to that, the fact it is in the middle of nowhere and the nearest restaurant is closed on Monday, it leaves us no option but to ride out for some dinner. Those beers will have to wait till we get back! The nearest open restaurant is about 6km up the road and is Greek. There seems to be a few Greek restaurants in this area for some reason. That opens at 17:00, so we'll be togging up soon, to pop up the road.

After a couple of motorway days, I have planned a cross country route tomorrow. If we stuck to motorways, we could probably be at the hotel in under 3 hours. That's not that much use, when you can't check in for hours though. The route I've planned will take double the time and includes the final ferry crossing of the tour, crossing the river Elbe. It'll keep us away from the maniacs on the autobahn too.

Just 3 nights of the tour left. I'll have to sart thinking about the next one!

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