Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Piss Pot Holds More

Just when you think you have everything sorted, something comes along to drop a spanner in the works. Two spanners in this case. Not massive ones though, fortunately. And now, hopefully, it is all sorted.

The first one, I came across as I was trying to plan what cash we'd need, when in Norway. I was trying to find out the costs of the ferries we'd be taking but on the Norled website, although they showed the timetable, there were no fares, for the region we would be riding/sailing through. So, I dropped Norled a little note. They duly came back with two fares and the information that one ferry no longer ran, because they had built a bridge. Trying to find out details of the bridge's location proved difficult. I assumed it would be near to the ferry crossing. This was quite important to know, as I had built in a fuel stop, just before we reached the ferry. After little success, I posted a question on the Fjord Norway facebook page. Thankfully, they came up with the goods, showing me on the map, where the bridge is. Hmm, 7 miles south of the planned fuel stop and adding a further 20 miles, to the next! 20 miles I couldn't guarantee Grizzly would make, given he rides one of those cruiser style bikes with a gnats bladder for a petrol tank! A little bit of re-jigging though and the addition of a fuel stop just after we ride off our first ferry of the day in Tau, now means Grizzly won't have to worry.

And worrying is what my little Irish chum has been doing, since I sent him, what I thought were the routes we'd be using.

You see it seems I had over-estimated the size of gnats in Ireland and Grizzly, whilst looking through the routes, was worried that his cruiser wouldn't make it between some of the fuel stops I had put in. I usually work on 150 miles between fill-ups (the Sprint can go 200 before the warning light appears) but with some long motorway stretches planned, it seems that even 150 is a stretch for a fully loaded Shadow. Better to be safe than sorry though, so I have gone back through the routes and added a few extra stops for the wee fella and his steed. Hopefully, he won't now query the number of coffee stops  (over 30) I've built into the schedule.

A shade over 4 weeks till the off. Fingers crossed everything remains on track.

Friday, 12 May 2017

A video taster

Just a sample of what we can expect in just 50 odd days time.


What the f!%* is that coach doing up there?

Thursday, 27 April 2017

One last hurrah!

Not a great deal to say this time round, though last time I said that, I was accused of then going on to write too much! No pleasing some people ūüėČ

I've made up my mind about the Sprint and she's going to get one last tour of duty. Since last posting, I have had a test ride on the Yamaha FJR1300, so I've now ridden the potential replacements. However, I've decided to stick with what I know for this tour and look at replacing her later in the year or next year even.

Grizzly has somehow managed to obtain a new passport, so that's that sorted and I've updated the Eurotunnel bookings with his new API and the Sprint's rego.

Only 65 days to go now, so I need to get the TomTom fixed up and tested out. Last time, I had issues with my cardo intercom and low volume, so I need to make sure it all hangs together before we set off. Don't want to be having a repeat of the last trip, when the cardo died on me. Riding through Monte Carlo with no voice instruction, was almost impossible!

That's all for now.