Monday, 14 August 2017

Finally, there's some photos!

Let me start by apologising for taking so long to put these photos together but I have to say, it is hard and time consuming, to scan through the best part of 800 or so pictures and to choose a small selection, that I think you might like. If I had my way, I'd just publish the lot but that is more than likely to send you all to sleep before the end of Day 3, as I've already discovered!

I hope you enjoy the selection. I've tried to make it a varied one. Waterfalls and spectacular vistas can be very nice but you'd soon get bored with looking at nothing but those. It's different when you are actually there, experiencing the power of the water or the sheer height and scale of the mountains.

To access the photos (and I hope it works) scroll down to where it says Scandinavian Tour Photos on the right hand side and click on the aerial photo of the Atlantic Road below. That should take you to the tour album on Flickr. If not, then please post a comment so I know what's happening and I'll do my best to sort it out.

And with that, I'll leave you to the photos.  Enjoy.



Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Well, it's taken me a while but I did promise some statistics. Despite the title of this post, there won't be any lies. Some things may be hard to believe but believe me, they are true.

So, here we go.

  • The trip covered 3622.5 miles. (Knutr covered about another 900 miles)

During those, the Sprint 

  • used 262.92 litres of fuel or 57.84 gallons, costing £318.31
  • returned an average of 12.25 miles per litre or 55.67 miles per gallon
  • and cost an average of 9p per mile

  • We travelled through 7 countries.
  • We rode on at total of 8 ferries, 1 waterbus and a canal tour boat....
  • .....and through untold tunnels
  • We twice we saw people skiing off to the side of the road.
  • We stopped at, at least 7 waterfalls.....
  • ....and travelled on one funicular railway. 

In Norway, our most expensive drinks, were in a bar in Stavanger, where we paid NOK220 for 2 beers, (see below). That's approximately £21.

Best make it last Knutr!

In a brew pub in Flam, we were at our most extravagant and spent £37.60 on 4 x 500ml beers!, yet we somehow managed to come away with about 40% of the NOKs we took with us. Probably down to the junk food we were eating.

Overall, we were very lucky (lucky in summer to have sun?) but it did rain in every single one of the 7 countries we rode through. I think you can make that all 9 for Knutr.

No word of a lie though, we both had a fantastic time and a wonderful experience. The views were stunning, the waterfalls majestic, the mountains, well mountainous and the fjords either dark and foreboding or turquoise and tranquil.

The roads were exciting in the main, one, scary in the extreme and on the whole, of a very good standard, as many had recently been re-surfaced.

The tunnels were simply amazing, going up, down and around, some brightly lit, others near pitch black. Some long, some short, some warm, some cold, some wet, some dry. Not to mention those with roundabouts, deep inside the hillside or those exiting the side of a mountain straight onto a bridge over the water.

It's a month since we set off and already it seems like an age ago. The memories will fade but I have loads of photos to remind me of what we saw and got up to and I promise, my next post will confirm that I have sorted some and attached them to the blog.

For now though, that's it.

Storseisundet Bridge, The Atlantic Road

Monday, 24 July 2017

Day 19

Day 19, the final day of the the tour, should have seen these two intrepid explorers ride triumphantly back into Blighty, heads held high. As it turned out, they pretty much crept in the back entrance, due to Eurotunnel's inexplicable handling of the queueing system.

Knutr had somehow managed to transport himself onto the train before the one we were scheduled to leave on, meaning he was already under the Channel, whilst I was still sitting waiting for him. A rather disappointing end to the 19 days, as we both rode home separately. Still, it did give me the chance to stretch the Sprint's legs on the M20, after a good couple of weeks 'crawling' around Scandinavia.

Arriving back, the bikes were unpacked and parked up in the garage. The sprint had covered 3,622.5 miles since rolling off the driveway on 2nd July. Apart from the scare with the alarm on our fuel stop in Aurlandsvengen, and losing a headlamp bulb, she hadn't missed a beat. I adjusted the chain once and re-oiled it once. Apart from that, she just needed fuelling up. Knutr's Shadow too, had been faultless and he, of course, still had another four hundred odd miles to go.

That evening we had the customary end of tour dinner, another trip to the chinese in the village and Knutr finished off his Murphy's beers I'd bought for him. Four cans, for the price of one in Norway!

As the dust settles, the washing gets done and the photos get uploaded, life gets back to normal and thoughts turn to the next adventure. Where to next?

As I said before, I'll pop up some stats very soon and also hope to get some photos together for access from the blog, so the curtain isn't down just yet.

In the meantime though, I'd just like to say thanks for reading and I'll leave you with a picture of the Trollstigen.