Friday, 13 January 2017

169, wow!

Is it really that long since I posted anything? 345 to 169! You'd think I'd have had something to say in all that time, eh? Well, now I have.

The final piece of the accomodation jigsaw, was refitted into the puzzle a few weeks ago. This was a place I had booked for 2016 but who wouldn't let me rebook immediately, when I cancelled due to the heart attack. They said I had to wait till 'the fall'. Well I waited till just before Christmas but didn't hear back to my enquiry this time. As it happens though, the place is listed on, so I booked it  through them.

Moving into the new year, my attention turned to the transport from Blighty to the continent and from Denmark to Norway. Grizzly took care of his sailing from/to the emerald isle, and I his usual accomodation along the M4, at Leigh Delamere services. I then booked our Eurotunnel crossings and the Fjordline fast ferry. That takes care of everything. Well, almost. Grizzly's passport expires in April, so he needs to get a new one sorted.

At present, I am still undecided as to whether I shall be selling the Sprint before the trip and if so, what shall take its place. I had a few test rides last year and was rather taken with the BMW K1600. I t would be great for this and future trips, I'm just not sure though, it would be as great for London commuting. There's still time to give it more thought before the riding season starts again. Trouble is, there seems to be a decreasing number of touring bikes available. Triumph have dropped both the Sprint and the Trophy. As far as they are concerned, we all want adventure or street style machines, so whatever I end up buying next, it won't be a Triumph.

Not much else to say at this point. Come back soon though, to check for an update.

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